My advice on transferring + college decisions

Updated: Mar 10

Choosing a college is far from easy. There are so many options and so many reasons to choose a school or not to choose a school, and it gets even more complicated when you add collegiate sports to the mix.

Most of you know I transferred this semester from WKU to UK (you can read the full transfer story here!). Reflecting back on the semester, I learned a lot during this experience. If you are going through college decisions, the recruiting process, or considering transferring, here are some tips I’ve complied throughout my experience.

  1. Make a pros & cons list. This sounds cliché, I know, but it helped me when I started this process because I was really conflicted. I didn’t even start considering my transfer until I was already home for winter break. This made things really confusing for me. I think listing things out can be helpful because maybe you are just mad about something in the heat of the moment? Or maybe you’ve been having issues all along? It’s good to see a clear picture of what the problems with your school are and how they could improve (or not?) at another school.

  2. Talk to people. This is KEY y’all. Hearing others’ viewpoints will help a ton, and getting their insight on your personal situation can ease your mind as well. Everything was so rushed and last minute, I wasn’t really able to sit down with my closest friends and get their opinion. This made leaving WKU really hard for me because I feel like I never really got to say goodbye. My family was a HUGE help in keeping me at peace and helping me through my decision. Since my brother is on the golf team here at UK, he was able to give me more of an insider’s opinion on the athletics and how things work, which was awesome.

  3. Be upfront with coaches. If you’re an athlete, let your coaches know what you’re feeling. Maybe they can help guide you as well as talk to other coaches on your behalf. It is a good idea to keep everyone in the loop.

  4. Think about your FUTURE. College is supposed to be fun, and your memories really will last a lifetime, but you have to remember the real reason you are at school. Your future and your career! For me, this was my biggest reason to leave. I loved the friendships I made at WKU. However, I continued to get hurt and couldn’t compete in track. Also, there weren’t many options for broadcasting internships or experience that worked with my schedule. I somewhat felt like my life was on hold. Pick a school (or switch schools) because you’re doing what is best for YOU. This is a decision that ultimately does affect your future and your connections, etc.

  5. Everyone has a different experience. Just because someone has a really good experience in a program, doesn’t mean that is always the case. Every school suites the needs of someone. I don’t necessarily think there’s a “better” or “worse” school, it just comes down to what is going to best fit your needs. Consider what you want out of a program and a school, how far you what to be from home, and how willing you are to sacrifice certain resources for other resources.

  6. PRAY PRAY PRAY. I 100% know in my heart that God was by my side every step of my transfer. I continuously asked for his guidance throughout the situation and followed my heart to get to where I am now. The bottom line is, you have to do what you feel is best for you!

Every decision happens for a reason and molds you into who you are meant to be 🙂 Transferring is definitely not an easy thing to do when you are stepping out into such an unknown like I did, but its important to step out on a leap of faith, especially if you feel like your current situation is not helping you grow in some way.

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